Modern Luxury

Life Moves Fast.

Families grow and friendships evolve, all in the blink of an eye. Spend more of the time you have with the people that matter most. Play games with your kids, curl up with your spouse and enjoy countless hours with friends. Whoever it's with, Stressless® provides a place to unwind together and bask in the moment.

The open floor plan of this modern home unifies the kitchen with the family room creating a vivacious space for everyday living. The natural flow between areas projects a modern look while maintaining the intimacy of traditional architecture.

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E300 Chaise

Stressless E300 Sofa

Create a unique sofa system based on your family size and room space. Stressless® E300 Sofa seating allows you to build the perfect configuration, whether it's a traditional 3-seat sofa, a smaller love seat or a large sectional with corner and chaise.

Stressless has perfected head-to-toe comfort with the ErgoAdapt® system, engineered to sense the body's position and adapt to provide the best support.

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Victorian Bliss

Over the years, your life will change, but your style won't have to.

From cozy fireside stories with little ones to free flowing conversations and indulgent glasses of red wine, your sofa is there for it all. Whether it's late nights or early mornings with young children or the young-at-heart, Stressless is built to withstand the test of time and the span of your life.

A classic parlor creates a gathering space for guests to comfortably mingle. Dating back to the turn of the century, this traditional front room brings friends together as family through an eclectic take on historic tastes.

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Stressless Buckingham Lowback Sofa

The laidback sophistication of Stressless Buckingham Lowback sofa adds warmth to a classic Victorian parlor through its harmonious blends of contrasting materials and colors. Its traditional pairing of leather and wood creates a quaint space for stylish entertainment.

Engineered with the body in mind, The Plus™ system provides perfect support for the head and back making relaxation as simple as taking a seat.

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Heirloom Flair

Your living room is the space where life happens.

A nostalgic place for memories to be made and family history preserved. It's your own curated collection, where every work of art and piece of furniture has meaning and a story to tell of the people and places of your past. These are the things we hold close to our hearts and display high in our homes.

Like all fine things, Stressless recliners get even better with time. Interspersing vintage with modern gives a living room designed for the timeless palates a quirky and refreshing twist.

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Stressless E40 Sofa

The eternal look of vintage Stressless allows for playful decorating combinations that redefine the meaning of heirloom. Juxtaposing the 1970s recliners and a contemporary Stressless E40 sofa adds whimsy to the spatial telling of your family's story.

Stressless seating is designed to age gracefully with your home. A 10-year warranty on all internal mechanisms ensures superior quality and years of comfort.

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Man Cave Perfection

Our achievements are our passion and pride.

They are born from countless hours of practice, patience and perfection. Celebrate yourself for all you've done. Revel in your accomplishments and hang them high as a reminder that you deserve to kick back, relax and sink deep into relaxation.

The rich cognac walls of this man cave act as a canvas for showcasing colorful furnishings. Mixing the rugged outdoors with the modern luxury of a Stressless creates a sophisticated comfort zone for today's gentleman.

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Stressless Mayfair

Stressless Mayfair is the cornerstone and foundation of a man cave designed for escape, and a little indulgence. This seat can swivel to look out at the majestic beauty in the distance or simply lean back in peace.

Most Stressless recliners come in three different sizes creating a unique and personalized comfort experience. Visit your nearest dealer to find your tailored fit.

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Office Inspiration

Comfort is being able to enjoy yourself for who you are.

It's expressing personality and radiating confidence in all facets of your life. From work to play, a home office serves as a space to take chances, feel brilliant and achieve dreams. Stressless is there every step of the way to inspire and support you while you turn visions into realities.

An office is a place to express yourself and Stressless is here to help tell your story. The playful patterned carpet and customized chair make this room an individual masterpiece born from a creative mind.

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Stressless Magic

Stressless put luxury on wheels with its Stressless Magic Office Chair to provide you with comfort while you need it most. The neutral wood stains and timeless leather give you flexibility in design and functionality at work.

Stressless strives to provide the most comfortable work environment and is proud to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

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Great Escapes

Vacations bind a family together.

Through memories of exploring a new place and enjoying each other's company in a secluded destination, spending time away rejuvenates the spirit and provides an outlet for you to reconnect away from the stress at home. It takes the mind back to a simpler time where there's nothing to worry about but relaxing, laughing and holding those dear to you closer to your heart.

A lakeside living room creates the perfect backdrop for building lasting memories. The soothing scenery makes it easy to drift off to a stress-free happy place.

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Stressless E300 Sofa

The elegance of Stressless E300 Sofa adds a piece of Scandinavian beauty to a room created for tranquility. Its rich buttery leather and brilliantly engineered design pairs style with luxury for a gorgeous living room retreat.

The patented ErgoAdapt® system moves with the body. The cushions automatically adjust to accommodate sitting or laying for the most comfortable position possible.

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Relaxing Retreats

Travel is the perfect time to treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation.

There's nothing quite like the tranquility of a waterfront bedroom. This cozy space serves as the ideal nook to recline and read or curl up and drift off to the sound of waves on the shore. However you choose to unwind, Stressless is there to help you put your feet up and sink back in luxury.

Place a comfortable recliner next to large open windows for a calming place to clear the mind. Stunning views make it even easier to leave worries behind and simply enjoy the moment.

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Stressless Mayfair

The gentle curves, padded arms and supple seat of Stressless Mayfair add spa-like elements to a bedroom designed to soothe the mind. A neutral leather color paired with natural blue and green hues brings calming colors together with comfort for an indulgent bedside escape.

Stressless recliners are made with only the finest leathers hand selected from tanneries in Italy and South America. Customize a recliner by choosing from three different leather grades in more than 20 colors.

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Work At Home

Working from home can be a beautiful thing.

A tucked away quiet space with a back-friendly desk chair is essential for increased productivity. Stressless helps create an office to inspire the mind and support the spine so you can perform and feel your best from nine to five and beyond.

Durability is key when finding a home office chair that will span the years of your career. Stressless is designed to meet every challenge and help you achieve your dreams.

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Orion Office Chair

Stressless Orion Office Chair

Stressless Orion Office Chair will excel with you. Equipped with traditional Stressless technology and features, you're given the most comfortable workday around. Not to mention, its ten-year warranty on internal mechanisms guarantees lasting luxury.

Sit still or enjoy the freedom of 360-degree movement throughout the day. The base of Stressless Orion Office Chair is furnished with wheels and carefully crafted to ensure stability and optimal comfort.

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Retro Revival

Style doesn't happen overnight. It evolves over time.

Reminisce on the old days and bring the past back to life with retro-cool styles from decades ago. This Palm Beach chic living room's mid-century modern décor is like a flashback to days of mod fashion and British pop. Whether 1965 or 2014 Stressless adds a touch of flair for a show-stopping entertainment space.

Combine geometric shapes with bright contrasting colors for a retro room sure to impress. Streamlined seating helps create a funky hangout for friends and family to enjoy as one.

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Stressless Metro

Sink into style with the groovy look of Stressless Metro, part of the latest style grouping from Stressless. Its tufted leather design and tubular steel base bring retro looks back to life in an elegant and modern manner.

Stressless Metro is equipped with a new headrest pillow. Simply move it up or down for the optimal position and ideal neck support.

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Mod Style

Style is the best expression of personality.

Stressless believes in originality and puts pride into being an innovator. Let Stressless help you bring your dreams to life. Allow your inner self to shine with original art and eclectic accessories for a space reflective of a life that is uniquely yours.

Streamlined furniture adds timeless elements to a fashion-forward dwelling space. Contrast concrete floors with a shag rug and rich recliners made with Italian leather for a chic place to kick back and relax.

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Stressless City

The clean stitching on Stressless City adds modern elements of style to a timeless piece. White leather allows the chairs to pop against the lush backdrop of the world outside building an inspiring space to call home.

Stressless ottomans are an integral part of the Stressless comfort experience. Adjust the ottoman's placement for optimal relaxation.

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Back Paradise

Schedules are busy and days are long.

With so much going on, everyone needs a place comfortable enough to claim as their own – a quiet spot where it's easy to feel at peace. Stressless is designed to help put the mind and body at ease after the hustle and bustle of a long day. It's a living room oasis where the back can sink into absolute bliss.

Design an at-home sanctuary to give the back a break from a long day of work. Use a luxurious recliner to carve out a space where the only thing on the to-do list is relax and unwind.

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Back Bliss

Stressless Magic

Stressless Magic is carefully crafted with the unique Stressless Comfort Zones™ allowing the body to sink more deeply into the chair becoming enveloped in comfort. Simply take a seat and recline for some restful alone time.

Drift away in comfort with the Stressless sleep function. A simple tilt of the headrest allows the recliner to lie completely flat for an optimal napping position.

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Nordic Novelties

A space becomes much more when it complements its surroundings.

Norwegians decorate to offset the country's long winters and harsh climate. With natural elements, open living spaces and plenty of light, a Nordic room often evokes feelings of warmth and relief from the cold. Tying into its Norwegian roots, Stressless strives to provide cozy, stylish and bright furnishings for any home.

This Nordic inspired breakfast nook combines natural elements with modern technology to create a space that's open and inviting. The neutral color palate and clean décor exemplifies the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian style.

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Metro Low Back

Stressless Metro Low Back

Place Stressless Metro Low Back recliners around a table for a Nordic inspired place to gather as a group and entertain guests. Match the chairs with the new Stressless Urban table for a completed look.

Stressless Metro and City Low Back recliners are unlike any other Stressless recliners with no matching ottoman and a design not meant to fully recline.

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Legend Sofa

There's no time more valuable than time spent with family.

For some families, time together is few and far between. For others, it's an everyday event. Whether the kids are grown or still at home, time together is meant to be comfortable and enjoyable. Cherish your family time because those are the days you'll look back at and remember.

A Stressless home theater blends entertainment with high-class comfort making your living room a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Pop a bowl of popcorn and tune into a classic movie for a stress-free Friday night and endless hours of family bonding.

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Legend Sofa

Stressless Legend

Give every member of the family a spot to claim as their own. A place they’ll want to come back to so they can sink into total comfort while enjoying a movie or show. Sumptuous and luxurious, Stressless Legend is designed to give lasting ease to the whole family.

Configure a home theater unit unique to your family. Mix and match two-seaters with one-seaters and added accessories like the arm sector for a space that's as functional as it is fun.

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Relax And Rejoice

Spending time with friends and family is always a reason to celebrate.

Gathering at home with your close friends and loved ones fills life with memorable moments. Set a place and a plan in action to create the space and opportunity for quality time with those dear to you. Start by brightening up your living room with a few festive touches, add some sumptuous pillows, then sit back and enjoy the company—and the conversation.

Stressless continues to be as stylish as it is comfortable. Make your décor stand out from the crowd by mixing fun finds like faux fur pillows with a sofa color destined to pop.

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Liberty Sofa

Stressless Liberty Sofa

Liven up your living room with the versatile and functional Stressless Liberty Sofa designed to fit any style home and match every lifestyle. Entertain guests for hours in a space meant to bring parties together or relax on your own in the most comfortable seating in the world.

The Stressless Glide System allows Stressless seating to adjust with your body weight so you can recline effortlessly and naturally.

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Bold Beginnings

Bright and beautiful colors can make quite a daring statement.

When designing a room, find ways to showcase your personality and style. Adding elements of drama through unique color combinations ensures your space stands out from the crowd. Express your energetic side through brilliant red hues, metallic finds and muted accessories.

Natural light makes a room feel warm and inviting. For a calming everyday environment, place cool colored drapes over large windows and bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living room.

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Liberty Sofa

Stressless Liberty 3-Seater

Put bright colors against soft backgrounds that allow a dazzling shade to speak for itself. With the Tomato Red signature color from Stressless, it’s simple to turn a classic sofa like the Stressless Liberty 3-Seater into a marvelous statement—all you need is the courage to add a pop of color.

Stressless seating is available in a multitude of fabric and leather options. From neutral colors like taupe and black to bright tones like cerise and clementine, there’s a shade and style to fit every room. Download a catalog and explore.

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